GOF was originally created by Russell Byrant  a good ‘ole boy from the swamps of North Florida who served in the US Navy with a Spec Ops unit out of MacDill Air Force Base, located in Tampa Florida.  After leaving the service, Russ worked with a few different DoD Contractors. He then decided to give back to the people as his forefathers intended to by providing a high quality, reasonably priced, all grain alcohol (not corn based!). The base recipe was handed down to Russ his my Grandmother, who got it from her father, who got it from his father. So you kinda get it, this recipe goes back many generations.

What started out as a way to relax and relieve stress after a deployment turned into the first legal moonshine distillery in Florida. Russ’s passion and flavors are all found in each bottle. December 2017 GOF became part of the Fat Dog Spirits family.

Why Good Ole Friends?

This is the first legalized Moonshine distillery in Florida. Made from 100% grain that is smooth and does not give you that burning or scratchy feeling in your throat when you sip it!

Our Moonshine is slow cooked to draw out the spices and tastes from the grains. Unlike other competitors, we do not drop the fruit in the jar to take up volume.  It is cooked into the mixture to give you a smooth, full-bodied taste.

Sophisticated enough for distinguishing palates yet affordable for all folks. This is the best Moonshine on the market!


TRADITIONAL:  This 100 proof all grain, NO CORN, alcohol is smooth.  The concentrate is the base for all our products.  We use ice cold filtered water in the cooling process to capture the bold flavors from the grains.  There is a hint of sweetness as on the nose, and on the palate you get a taste of caramel.

APPLE PIE:  On the nose, you will get aromas that will bring back the memory of your Grandma’s apple pie cooling in the kitchen.  As you sip, you will relax and dream of days gone by.   40 proof

LEMONADEThose roadside lemonade stands of yester-year are brought back with a little extra strength for those of us that want the extra kick.  Be careful as this will sneak up on you.   40 proof

FRUIT PUNCH:  For those picnics or socials on the back porch when the sun is blazing hot and one needs to simply cool off – this will do the trick.   40 proof

BLUEBERRY:  We all have picked blueberries and sucked on them for juice while walking in the meadows or woods.  Well this mix has the simple taste mother nature intended with a kick you that you will not realize is there.    100 proof

BLACKBERRYFor those who want the remembrance of picking blackberries without the hassle of getting pricked and having stained fingers.  A great sipping shine for the sophisticated country folks.   100 proof

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