Local Distiller in Tampa Bay creating some of the finest craft spirits

Welcome to Touch Vodka where class, sophistication and style meets quality with superior taste.

Touch Artisan ultra premium Vodka made from honey is the natural “liquid aphrodisiac.” This is the only Vodka on the market that is made this way. This is not a flavored Vodka. Touch Vodka is hand made from the finest Florida wild flower blended honey and American grain in small hand made batches under the close personal attention of our team of master distillers. We utilize the latest equipment and technologies by seamlessly combining it with traditional old styles methods to ensure consistent quality and excellent taste. Touch sources all our ingredients locally from Florida.

Taste of Florida Touch also has 3 uniquely flavored Vodka’s that are all 80 proof vs 70 proof from the other flavored vodkas on the market. There is no sugars or flavoring added in our process. These vodkas are made from the infusion of the natural oils from real fruits. Since there is no coloring or sugars added it makes it easy to mix these vodkas with various juices and other beverages to create signature cocktails.


Helping People Share Memorable Times Together With High Quality Spirits From Locally Sourced Ingredients From The Florida Market.


To Become The Preeminent Craft Distillery In The South East United States And Expand Our Products Through Out The Caribbean And The World.

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